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    Coral Smoothie Oyster Delight is a new coral food product by AlgaGen made from fresh florida oysters. Like DT’s Oyster Eggs and Reef Nutrition’s Oyster Feast before it, Coral Smoothie Oyster Delight makes use of the ovarian and reproductive tissue of oysters to produce a very small particle and high nutrition food that filter feeding corals and invertebrates can really benefit from.*As with other shellfish products, you can expect AlgaeGen’s Coral Smoothie Oyster Delight to be very high in fatty acids. Oyster Delight does not need to be refrigerated until it is opened for the first time before which it has a six month shelf life, unlike the frozen oyster eggs and refrigerated oyster feast.

    Whereas AlgaGen’s original Coral Smoothie bottle shipped with an applicator tip that served as a target feeding tool, Coral Smoothie Oyster Delight is much too runny to be spot fed, and it probably should be added to the larger aquarium water volume. We caught our first sight of Coral Smoothie Oyster Delight on the retail shelves of World Wide Corals in Orlando Florida and we’ve been told that the twenty dollar bottle has been shipping for about two weeks. For more information about Coral Smoothie Oyster Delight check out AlagGen’s website.
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