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    Coral-shop produces more than just acrylic filtration media, with chemical media playing a major role in the business. As the latest addition to these additives coral-shop is now releasing their own carbon and calcium reactor media. Seemingly not very interesting considering that there are already dozens of* variations carbon and calcium reactor media on the market, but coral-shop has some trick up their sleeves with the Anthracite that makes them stands out from the rest.

    For those of you not familiar with carbon in the aquarium industry (if you don’t want to be, skip down), there are basically three major types sold in the market today (with some exceptions); Lignite carbon,* bituminous carbon, and coconut based carbon. Lignite tends to perform the highest while bituminous carbon and coconut tend to perform as second and third contenders respectively. Now keep in mind that this is in general, and that depending on the study coconut carbons have found to be more efficient that bituminous carbons, and some bituminous* carbons have been found more effective than Lignite carbon.

    So what does this have to do with the coral-shop carbon, especially if it is Anthracite which is neither of three mentioned above? Basically Anthacrite is the highest quality carbon around, beating both Lignite and Bituminous carbon with the fewest impurities and highest carbon content. So in theory, it should outperform both at removing impurities in the aquarium water, which makes the new coral-shop carbon very interesting. Obviously end performance will depend on the pore size and other factors, so we can’t make any conclusions just yet. But again interesting nonetheless. We’re not aware of any other companies currently using Anthracite carbon, but there are several high performing premium carbons floating around the market with unspecified ingredients,* so who knows maybe we’ve already been using Anthracite carbon.

    Beside Anthracite carbon, coral-shop is also releasing premium calcium reactor media made out of crushed fossilized coralline limestone from the dead sea. Retail pricing for the new coral-shop carbon and calcium reactor media is currently unknown, but expect it to become available on the coral-shop website in the next couple weeks.

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