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    Naturally derived treatment for parasites and pests aren’t new and Coral Shop is the latest to offer a natural product to battle parasites, bacterial infections and viruses in your aquarium. the new*Coral Shop CoraSound Multi is a*100% natural product for corals and salt water fish aimed to be a wide-spectrum antiparasitic, antibacterial and antiviral additive.

    CS CoraSound Multi can be uses as a bath or dip to treat ailing fish or coral, a dip before introducing new fish, a coral dip before adding new coral coral, or as a treatment for the entire aquarium. According to the company, CoraSound Multi is made from a*mixture of plant and other natural extracts in 2% ethanol with no added man-made substances.

    The product was developed to be animal safe, yet effective to treat salt water fish and coral in a broad way. Realizing not all problems can be visually identified, especially from beginner and intermediate hobbyists, an approach like this might be the last line of defense if used in the aquarium. Likewise, proper quarantine and dipping techniques will help eliminate many issues right off the bat.

    The product appears to come in two sizes, the CS CoraSound Multi 1 and*CS CoraSound Multi 5. We assume these are one and five liter bottles and the prices are around $36 for the*CS CoraSound Multi 1 and $160 for the*CS CoraSound Multi 5.
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