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    Coral-Shop Channel One is a modular dosing system*featuring many cool features such as a stiring unit, chiller unit, a master control*panel* and several different dosing container*options. Coral-Shop Channel One is designed to be modular, and every aspect of the system can be bought individually. This means that as a consumer, you’ll have much more power to*customize*your system. Applications depending on your configuration for example can be anything from dosing your standard balling liquids, to dosing live foods to your non-photosynthetic reef or breeding system. Basically anything you can imagine dosing, the Coral-Shop Channel One will be able to dose making it perhaps*the most advanced modular dosing system to enter the aquarium hobby so far.


    At the core of the Channel One is the Channel One Master control Unit. The master control unit looks a bit confusing when you are not sure what you are looking at, but with just two knobs it really isn’t that hard to figure out. The knob on the left adjusts the amount of liquid that is dispersed each dosing cycle. Depending on the dosing pump used, volumes can be adjusted between 2-10ml or 5-50ml. The knob on the right adjusts the frequency liquids are*dispensed,* this knob can be adjusted from 2-24 times a day. Another neat feature about the Master units is an addition of a second USB port, to which the stirring unit is attached, or if you forgo stirring, a secondary dosing pump.

    With the Coral-Shop Channel one two different pumps can be used, the PP30 and the PP50. The PP30 features 10/30 tubing, and doses increments of 2 ml, which means that at full capacity, used 24 times a day the PP30 can push out 2.4 liters of liquids. The PP50 features the more*familiar*10/50 tubing, but is much less precise at 10ml increments, and at maximum rates the PP50 can push out a whopping 12 liters.


    The Coral-Shop one also allows*custom*configuration when it comes to the stand (and associated parts) holding up the dosing containers. Depending on your application you can either choose to use a hang on back stand which attached to the lip of your sump, or a stand alone unit which features a base. Both configurations will work when it comes to*aqueous*solutions, but unfortunately only the stand alone mount is compatible with *the chilling unit. The mount is designed to fit the optional dosing containers, but can also hold the standard Coral-Shop bottles.*Instead of the hang on back or stand alone mounts, a mount that attaches directly to your larger dosing containers can also be used. No need to even pour your liquids into a different container!

    Different chiller parts and stirrer can also be installed to create the ultimate food dosing machine. Units include two different chillers (20 watts and 30 watts), and a stirring unit which can be attached on top of the container. Beside these cool parts another neat feature is a special dosing container with stainless steel bottom for optimal heat transfer.


    All parts can be bought individually with the Channel One control unit retailing at *€178, the PP30 retailing at €75, the PP50 retailingat €106, the multipurpose holder retailingat €74, the can mount holder*retailing at €38, the standard container*retailing at €39, and cooling container retailing at €73. The cooling unit comes in at €135 for the 20 watt unit, and €143 for the 30 watt unit. The Stirring unit will retail for*€148. Complete packages can also be ordered with a cooled/stirred kit retailing at €640, the dosing liquid configuration retailing at €310, the can mount configuration retailing at*€385, and a “minimalist” setup with just the control unit, a pump and a simple mount retailing for*€243. Expect US pricing to be different as the prices listed above are suggested retail prices. The Coral-Shop Channel one should be*available*right in time for*Christmas.










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