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    Coral-Shop has added a few new products to its lineup recently including its new**P.R.O.S. protein skimmer to its filtration products. Using the square, boxy shape consistent with its other filter products, the new*P.R.O.S. protein skimmer can either be used as a standalone or a hang on the sump.

    The P.R.O.S uses an*AquaBee 2000/1 pump fixed on the bottom and water height is regulated by thumbscrew adjustments on the front of the reaction chamber. The skimmer uses a series of baffles for both skimmate collection and a return to the aquarium to eliminate microbubbles.

    The boxy design isn’t something we’re used to with the svelt cone and oval protein skimmers that are on the market but looks aren’t the only factor in skimmer production. The new P.R.O.S. skimmer retails for around*€242 (around $320 USD). While the initial design didn’t speak to us, when we saw the complete line of filtration products in the custom sump below, our interest did get piqued a bit more.

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    I like this, modular filtration units. Easy to draw.

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