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    Coral Sea Dreaming is a collection of high quality video filmed in the ocean. The video was done by Emmy Award winner*David Hannan, famous for doing high quality underwater work in various formats. This Bly-Ray (also*available*on DVD) is multi-layered, meaning you can play the video in a*continuous*loop, add in commentary, or just watch the video without commentary. This video is not just for home viewing, quite a few health care institutions use this video to relax or calm patients suffering from different disabilities. Would you rather read a magazine in the Doctor’s office or watch the underwater world? *The video was the featured presentation at the MACNA banquet. The Blu-Ray Disc retails for $30. The full PR is below the break.


    Filled with startling HD scenes of exotic sea creatures, this is*David Hannan’s*latest underwater masterpiece, a ‘state of the art virtual experience’ and window onto another world.

    No ordinary DVD or BluRay disc, Coral Sea Dreaming – Awaken is a fully featured package of viewing options – with many different ways of exploring David’s world of tropical coral reefs.

    Viewers can select to have a ‘music-only’ experience and enjoy the program as an exceptional 84 minute relaxation video with evocative music score by*Tania Rose.

    Additionally, ‘pop-up text’ with creature identification or interesting facts about ocean issues can be activated, turning the program into a valuable educational resource. Individual chapter scenes are easily accessed from menus.

    For viewing a more classic feature documentary format ‘switch on’ informative narration and also peek ‘behind the scenes’ with David and Tania.

    Enhancing the package are extra 60 minutes of ‘virtual decor’ scenes in different styles for creating unique marine art displays. Alternatively, selected chapters or even the whole program can be played to loop on ‘repeat’ turning the screen into a fascinating ‘digital aquarium’.

    Coral Sea Dreaming – Awaken is a mesmerizing and poignant celebration of one of the planet’s great natural wonders – with something new for viewers to discover each time.

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    got it in feb........australian import......its wild:thumbup:

    and no , you cant borrow it cause no-one ever returns my coral movies:tt2:
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    Except me! :biggrin:

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