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    Coral RX and its Coral RX One Shot single dose options of the Coral RX dip are getting a new look. We loved these when they came out a few years ago and are excited to see the handy and potent coral pest assassin is now going to be available in handy plastic pouches instead of the glass vials. Additionally the new package is formulated to provide a 1 gallon mix to dip your corals in and help rid them of unwanted guests prior to adding to your system.

    The beauty about this is, it provides a great point-of-sale option for fish stores and customers. When you go buy frags and may not have a coral dip (or funds for a full bottle), you can grab one of these for an ***P of $2.99. These are also a great thing to sell or giveaway as part of a frag swap or trade shows.

    We also can see this as a great option for online coral vendors to include these as an add-on or freebie with all coral purchases. Since they are in handy flexible packages, there is no danger of the glass breaking and it gives the consumer a coral dip dose to ensure their corals are bug free.

    The new Coral RX One Shot is expected to ship in the next 3-4 weeks.

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