RSS Coral Nail from Lss Laboratory is a new frag plug specialized for soft, branching and

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    The Coral Nail is a novel new type fo frag plug that Lss Laboratory is showing off which has three separate mounts for different types of corals. Coral Nail A is optimized for mounting soft corals with a nice barbed harpoon*for keeping cuttings of softies still. Coral Nail B & C are designed with branching and encrusting corals in mind, and these have been prototyped by Reef Ocotopus, since it is unclear how much demand there could be for a soft coral plug.

    All of the Coral Nail frags plugs would be designed to neatly fit into a magnetic frag holder, like so many we’ve already seen before. Time will tell if the Coral Nails ever see the light of day beyond an initial production run, but new and diverse frag plug options can be nothing but good for the general coral propagation community. [Lss Laboratory]
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