RSS Coral Morphologic projected ‘Artificial Reef’ on prominent buildings of Miami Beach

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    You may know Coral Morphologic as the guys from Florida with all the crazy zoanthids and St. Thomas mushrooms but Core-More has always had a strong artistic penchant for everything they do. The latest project by Coral Morphologic was an art projection on prominent buildings of Miami Beach a week ago as well as some indoor photo and video loops showing reef life in ways that most people never get to enjoy. The video above shows how the pulsing upside down jellyfish was projected on the 407 Building, about as close as marine life can get to the limestone cement which was likely produced by the neighboring reefs. We are proud to have Coral Morphologic representing the reef aquarium scene in the art world, do read up on the other installations that Core-More produced on the blog of Morphologic Studios.
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