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    Coral Morphologic has a unique and inexpensive approach to a public aquariums in Miami — creating a more welcoming area around the city’s*South Pointe Park. By taking advantage of the abundant marine life right under Miami’s nose, the city can create more comfortable seating around the area so people can enjoy more than 50 species of*tropical fish and the coral limestone walkway.

    The southern Florida company posted this idea on a local crowdsourcing site, Our Miami, to improve the city. The proposed project would create seating at South Point Park*along a defunct ferry slip letting people “sit quietly and enjoy the serene beauty of the coral reef fish swimming in turquoise water.” Additionally the team proposes a digital map that you can access via your smartphone to showcase the coral fossils within the walkway itself.

    Make sure you visit the page and “Like” the idea to get this rolling, then think about ways you can improve your local community by proposing similar ideas.

    [via Our Miami]*
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