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    Coral Food is Cobalt Aquatics latest new entry to the world of marine and reef aquarium products. Slated to be unveiled this week at the Global Pet Expo. Any company can grind up some meally coral-foodey ingredients into a powder and call it coral food, which Cobalt Aquatics is doing, but they’ll be providing Coral Food in a frozen form as well.

    The dry Cobalt Aquatics Coral Food is a fine powder made of*squid, salmon, krill, plankton, mussel, oyster and brine shrimp proteins, coupled with fish oil and spirulina algae. The combination of ingredients serve to be a nutritious source of fine particles for filter feeding corals and invertebrates, with the inclusion of appetite stimulants to ring the proverbial dinner bell and let the coral polyps know it’s feeding time.

    The Frozen Coral Food from Cobalt Aquatics is made of fewer ingredients, but they include whole zooplankton with Spirulina to provide both large and small food particles for capture by large and small polyps alike. Cobalt’s dry food is available in a 1,2 oz container while Frozen Coral Food will come in a 3.5 oz single pack or a 7oz double pack of frozen cubes.

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