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    Imagine our surprise when we visited a brand spankin new aquarium shop in the Denver area to discover something we had never seen before. The place is Dorkfish Aquatics, and when we swung by the new retail location we were*flabbergasted*by this inverted coral bowl which served double duty as a magnifying lens and target feeding area.

    The red flowerpot coral, Goniopora stutchburyi, used in the inverted coral bowl is the perfect candidate for placement in Dorkfish’s inverted coral bowl as it appreciates the subtle flow of the inverted coral bowl, as well as the additional light to which it was exposed, and the target feeding that it enjoyed. We realize that this bowl is hard to clean, not exactly suitable for your average home aquarium and somewhat limiting but it sure is a neat idea and the red flowerpot coral couldn’t have looked any healthier.
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    clever idea, would be great for things like sun corals as well.

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