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    About 2 years ago I had coral bleaching due to incorrect lighting and water temperature.

    Now it's happening again..... But I think of stress.

    I had a Cyano problem for a few weeks, that pushed my Nitrates up to 30. Got almost rid of the Cyano by doing a 20% WC and brushing/blowing all the rocks. My salinity dropped a bit to 21. I did a small 5% WC to get my salinity up. Over a period of a week it was at 25.

    I went away for the weekend (4 Days) and when I came back my LT anemone and my Kenya tree is bleached. I then check my temperature and it is sitting on 24 degrees. Nothing changed in my lighting cycle from a few months ago. I check my salinity and it is sitting at almost 30. This is very weird, because I didn't add any SW, I only added RO like normal

    So I decided to not stress myself out and overreact and cause more harm. Since Monday I've been adding RO to the system. I'm planning on doing a 10% WC this weekend.

    What else can I do? I think the corals is just stressed out, because of the Cyano breakout and then cleaning and then the drop in salinity. How can I unstress them?

    The last time I had bleaching going on I added Purple Up, but I don't want the Cyano to maybe also get a kick start.
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    Get your salinity right first. Then let the tank settle out.

    Get yourself a temperature controller like the STC-1000.

    Having a stable system is the basic foundation for a healthy system.
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