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    Common Name:* Copperband Butterflyfish Scientific Name:* Chelmon rostrata/Chelmon marginalis Distribution:* Rostrata:* Western Pacific:* Andaman Sea to Ryukyu Islands and Australia.* Marginalis:* Western Pacific: northern Australia (from Western Australia to the Great Barrier Reef) and Papua New Guinea. Description:***Easily identified by the yellow banding and long snout. Juveniles similar to adults. Distinguished from Chelmon marginalis by its color pattern and number of dorsal fin rays (fewer in C. rostrata).* Juveniles have a posterior bar and dorsal fin spot which fade and disappear with growth. Minimum Aquarium*Size:* 70 gallon (265 L). Feeding:* Carnivore.**Natural diet consists mainly of worms, clams, tunicates, and crustaceans.* See notes. Compatibility:* Reef systems with caution.* Has been successfully kept in reef systems but better suited to fish only systems. Associations: Care Level:* Moderate to difficult Notes:* A shy and deliberate feeder and may need a variety of foods offered to start feeding.* Supplemental live food a plus.* Most ...


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