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7 May 2007
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Sigh..i just love the smell of new paint.

Congrats Alan / Dragonreef & Viper I hope this turns out to be all you hoped and wished for. Good luck with the new venture guys:3:
Hey Copperband, welcome to MASA
Welcome Powerhead, good to have you here :)
great thing about a new forum is you can get the username you really want!! i should have chosed agent0069, but noooo at 2am i again also choose copper fishy..
Lol, nothing wrong with a CopperBand - awesome fish :)
yeah my absoluted fav. fish is a copperband. Mine has such personality, Andreas did the bottle trick to try and catch my regal tang, slight problem was the copperband just went in there and wouldn't allow anyone else in the bottle. When my camera arrives I'll post a pic of the fish coming to the front glass trying to stare the dog down..
Hi CB and PH, welcome and thanks for the kind words.
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