Copperband butterfly feeding

27 Nov 2014
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Bloemfontein, Freestate
As requested by some, i will show you guys how to build the butterfly feeder from my other thread and also to train your cbb to accept the pipe and feed from it.

Back story:
I got my ccb almost a year ago from my local pet shop. He was fat active and picking at live rock, but not eating.
So against my better judgement i brought him home and tried every possible food, i did not quarantine him because he is rather big pushing 13cm.

For an entire month he lived on featherdusters and would not take anything else, until i decided to put some gel food in a featherduster tube and viola! He lived of gel food (brine shrimp) for another two weeks and from there i mixed in pellets into the gel to add more nuritional value.

Since he was eating from the feather worm tube moving him to an artificial tube was as easy as putting clear tubing with food in it into a veggie clip. Everyday i would take out the veggie clip put in a mix of nori pellets and gel food and for a while he loved the nori so much that hed pick it out from the rest of the food. His taste changed and he started picking out pellets so i switched to pellets only with nori once a week.

The feeder:

The feeder started as a piece of pipe in a veggie clip, but having to take it out everyday got really irritating and i started thinking of another way and i came up with this.


The suction cups came of a broken pump i had laying around.

And is fed by this


Okay so you will have to decide how long the pipe should be considering your tanks' depth. Mine is 50cm deep so i made it 45cm long. My cbb dislikes feeding high in the water so i made it reach to the bottom.

The suction cups were attached by cutting a small hole in the pipe and pushing the in

If anyone hase questions feel free to ask or if i missed something please let me know :)
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