Convert Internal "Sump" to External..?

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    As most probably know by now, I'm seriously looking for a proper Protein Skimmer for my Boyu TL-450..:(..The dimensions on this Tank is ridiculous..something like 7cm by 9cm..:eek:.. I'm short with a cm either way, no matter what "nano" Skimmer I'm looking at..:( Don't want to do Hang-On as I don't like the "sticking out at the back" of the Tank and then the Hood can't open fully neither, which would probably require another "cut-out" mod..."Worst case scenario"..power failure and water all over my plugs at the back..:blush::eek:

    The only other option for me is if my "Skimmer Section" is on the outside of my Tank...My Tank has the Boyu Stand so I can "house" my Protein Skimmer there, inside the cupboard....that is possible..? A "sump" on the outside, basically just for the Internal Skimmer...

    I'm looking at the Reeftek In-Sump TS1 Protein Skimmer...
    Rated for:

    Up to 350L

    Foot Print Dimensions:
    230mm x 150mm

    Reaction Chamber Dimensions:
    280mm High
    100mm Diameter

    Total Height Including Cup:

    1 x King-2

    Is it possible just to do a "sump" at the bottom of my cabinet to house it..if so, how big must it be...? Then the compartments in my Tank can be as follows: 1 is Filter Floss and PhosGuard, 2 is Filter Floss and Ammonia Absorbing the moment everything is in 1 and the Boyu Skimmer is in 2....3 is my LR and 4 is currently my Heater....

    In case of power failure, I settle for water all over the floor, but very fearful of water and electricity:eek:

    If I can do it...could I please get some info on how the pumps would go.."in" which chamber.."out" which chamber..:blush::blush:
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    It is virtually impossible to balance two pumps exactly, even if they are identical, just the slightest of difference will cause either your sump or your tank to be drained, it's just not worth the risk. My advice would be to either look into getting the tank drilled (if it can be) or fitting an overflow box.
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