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    Continuum Aquatics is a new company launching with a line of marine supplements and founded by industry veteran Jack Kent. You may have heard of Jack before as the founding force behind Kent Marine. Now on his own, Kent has created Continuum Aquatics to push the boundaries and create innovative and quality aquarium products with a focus on excellent customer service.

    Continuum Aquatics*is releasing a complete line of additives, chemical, vitamins, nutritional supplements and filtration media.*Starting*off with a marine line and releasing a freshwater line later on this year, Continuum Aquatics is bringing 39 different products with up to five different sizes to the market in the coming months.*Each item features a color-coded label to help you easily identify the family of product.


    First up on the site is the line of marine products. Continuum Aquatics has your major compounds groups covered — calcium, strontium, magnesium, iodine and iron — along with hitting your pH products, trace minerals, vitamins and invert foods. Also listed in the line are filtration media comprising of phosphate control (both GFO and a proprietary*phosphate*absorption material) and activated carbons.

    Founded over 20 years ago, Kent Marine became one of the most recognized and trusted brands in marine additives before being acquired by pet supply conglomerate Central Garden and Pet. While this move brought the Kent line to more places, it also was left behind as other companies kept innovating. Jack’s contract with Kent Marine was up last December which gave him the opportunity to get back out there and start a new company.

    Having Jack Kent back behind his brand is a welcome change from a hobbyist perspective, and we are sure Continuum will bring quality products to the market with quality customer service and support. The products will reach a broad range of hobbyists from the beginner to the more advanced user and customer service and support is built into the site.

    Getting an answer from Continuum will not be hard either. The customer service request form is built with trying to identify as much information as possible to get the most accurate answer to your question and we’re sure that with the level of passion Jack has with the products, if you pick up the phone and call, you’ll get a relatively quick response as well.

    Continuum is ramping up with distributors and retailers right now and shipments should be going out soon. We’d estimate you’ll start seeing these products on the shelf in the next month or so. Stay tuned for more details.
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