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    Contiunum Aquatics the manufacturer of aquarium additives headed up by industry veteran Jack Kent announced a direct website for consumers and hobbyists. The move no doubt is focused on offering larger bulk sizes that most retailers do not stock because of space constraints in their physical stores. While most hobbyists will continue to shop direct from their favorite stores this new venture allows consumers to buy in larger bulk sizes and to better compete with other vendors doing the same in the online space. Certified Bulk is a new line of aquarium addivitives that expect to see better savings in large sized bulk pack items. Check out the press release below.

    Continuum Aquatics is proud to announce our CertifiedBulkTM line of aquarium additives designed for the avid hobbyist.

    CertifiedBulkTM will be available at your local aquatics retailer soon or can now be purchased directly from us at We recently launched the continuumdirect web site to serve U.S. consumers looking to access our complete line of larger sizes. Of course we will always support the local fish stores, however we do realize that not all of our items may be represented at every store nation wide.

    CertifiedBulkTM was developed to offer hobbyists access to affordable, high purity, properly formulated, pre-blended, bulk chemicals. In addition to the hydrated chemicals (containing water molecules, such as dihydrate, hexahydrate and heptahydrate) forms, CertifiedBulkTM offers anhydrous and blended forms in bulk. While hydrated forms may be less expensive per unit weight, they are less concentrated and are often less pure than the anhydrous form. Anhydrous chemicals usually provide the greatest value in active ingredients and peace of mind for supplementing systems with sensitive and costly fish, corals and other invertebrates. In addition to offering simple single-component approximations of buffers and 2-part additives, CertifiedBulkTM offers complete multi-component, properly formulated and blended, 2-part additives and locking buffers. All CertifiedBulkTM products are equivalent to any national brand, packaged in economical bulk sizes.

    “I started my first company decades ago by offering economical dry formulations of products that were only available as liquids at the time. Continuum Aquatics is thrilled to launch these exciting new products to return to our roots and complement our existing offering,” said Jack Kent, President.

    More About Continuum Aquatics

    Founded by marine aquarium hobbyist, engineer and long time aquarium products manufacturer Jack Kent, Continuum Aquatics continues his quest for the most innovative, high quality aquarium products combined with excellence in customer service. Continuum Aquatics has developed a complete line of cutting edge chemical and nutritional supplements, vitamins and filtration media to maintain marine & freshwater aquarium environments for the aquarium novice and most demanding hobbyist or public aquarium. Continuum products are thoroughly thought out, tediously tested, and made to the highest standards of quality.

    For more information about Continuum Aquatics please visit us at & You can also like our page on Facebook.

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