Considering changing my tank to an Hawaiian species tank

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    Hi All

    Currently I have a fairly regular reef tank which consists of a yellow tang, regal tang, black clown, ocellaris clown, royal gramma, cleaner shrimps and fire shrimps and hermit crabs. I also have a number of corals in my tank ranging from SPS to LPS and softies. I would like to change things up a bit.

    I have always been fascinated by Hawaiian, CXI and Tahitian fish and have thought about converting my tank or building a new tank and making it an Hawiian species tank. I am aware of the costs involved in obtaining fish like this and the rarity in them as well so that is not the problem. I am more interested in finding out if anyone has successfully kept them together in one tank or if this would be possible. I know that certain angelfish and tangs dont always like to play nice!

    Black Bandit Angelfish - Apolemichthys arcuatus
    Goldflake Angelfish - Apolemichthys xanthopunctatus

    Achilles Tang - Acanthurus achilles

    Tinkerii Butterflyfish - Chaetodon tinkeri
    Yellow Tang - Zebrasoma flavescens
    Flame Angel - Centropyge loriculus
    Black Tang - Zebrasoma rostratum
    Potters Angel - Centropyge potteri
    Regal Tang - Paracanthurus hepatus

    Due to the rarity and pricing involved in these fish it will take sometime for me to set up this tank. I will most likely keep these fish in a 2m tank. I might make some changes here and there but this could be the final design and stock list selection.

    Any feedback would be great to compatibilty, aquascaping, etc.

    Thank you.:)

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