Concern about lack of algae

7 May 2007
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Cape Town

Odd question, I see lots of posts about nuisance algae, my concern is my LACK of nuisance algae!

I put the first hermits (blue legged) in after 1 week and 2 cleaner shrimp in after 3. After 2 months of running (yay) I dont have any visable algae at all. I'm using supplements and doing regular water changes with RO topup.

Should my LACK of alge growth be a concern? My only thought is a lack of proper lighting (4x54watt T5's) I've got 2 more I want to add this week.

Tank size is 450Liters, 1500mmx500mmx750mm.

Hi Elrond, no nuisance algae it what we all strive for :)

The lack of it indicates that you have followed the setup procedures correctly and excercised patience (A virtue so many of us in the hobby find incredibly difficult !!! )

Can you give more details of your system, such as volume, skimmer live rock etc.
Would be interested to to see what the contributing factors to this would be.

I'd hardly say I've been ideally patient, but I am trying.

System volume is 520Liters (or so) I've got a DSB in the sump with 3kgs of Fiji LR in there (plan to put more) the lighting in the sump runs on a reverse cycle, there are already tons of pods in the DSB. I have a few 'bags' of ceramic rings which try reduce the amount of micro bubbles getting to my return pump (2500l/h reduced to about 1500l/hr) which seems to be performing a similar function to LR.

I have a 50-200 Berlin skimmer.

My main display tank has local (dried) rock in it of which 50% was running in a previous test setup for 3 months before transferring to the new one. I have 2-4cms of Live Sand/Normal Sand on the bottom of the tank.

Algae does not even get a chance in my 2.5m what with my Yellow Tang and Sailfin Tang, these two monsters keep the rock clean, to the point that I also got worried about there being no algae, until they got sick and did not eat for two weeks then the algae grew, but it is all gone again after they recovered...
Yeah, count your lucky stars and the fact that you have hermits etc that are helping out. Lower light will help by not excacerbating the prob.

Always try to keep a healthy population of algae eaters of different sorts as they really make life easier, as Wayne's tang story illustrates.

Try keep it that way.
Solaris Blenny, is the smallest Fish I can think of. But may be too big...
Best bet is hermits...
Yip as far as a Nano goes hermits would be your best bet.
Nerita Snails, Hermits, Pentagon stars, and Salarius blennies are good.

Also tying to keep a large population of Amphipods which are scavengers and in cleaning up help keep down detritis which algae grows on.

Avoid specialist pod hunters such as Mandarins, CB and wrasses will get lots of them.
my return pump (2500l/h reduced to about 1500l/hr) which seems to be performing a similar function to LR.

Is'nt that a bit on the lean side ??
Elrond, where in CT are you?? Maybe we hook up.. I love seeing other tanks, post some pics, mine is also 500L so you must be doing something right.. good one


Not yet! :p

I've had to reduce the return to 1500l/h (ish) because otherwise the sump bubbles over, the durso is 40mm and caused me lots of problems in the begining, reducing it keeps things quiet and peaceful. I'm going to rely on the powerheards to get all the muck out into the sump but admittedly need to purchase 2 more Seios next month.

oh also added 2 more T5's last night, tank is definitely 33% brighter :p maybe now there'll be an algae bloom!
oh also added 2 more T5's last night, tank is definitely 33% brighter :p maybe now there'll be an algae bloom!

Possibly the 1st time I have heard a reefer say that :dft010: , I hope you get your algae soon pal !

The only reason why I ask if 1500l/h is a bit lean is because according to Anthony Calfo a water volume turnover of 10 times the water volume is recommended, so in your case about 5000l/h, I understand the limitations of the sump etc forces you to do this.. that's fine but what is the implications on the life you are supporting? maybe someone can shead some light on that.

Seios !! yes I wil need as well, where do you get & how much, I have seen them in almost all of the tanks I have seen so they must be good.
not sure if its off thread or allowed but I've only actually SEEN them at Exotic Reefs in Ottery. The M1100's were R450.

Sorry if this post isnt allowed.

That post is fine Elrond. But let's not sidetrack this thread too much with off topic posts. Thanks guys :)

I think the only thing you should do about it is say THANK YOU! Just ask Viper.
which fish is a better algea eater tangs/surgeons or foxface?
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