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Discussion in 'General Discussions and Advice' started by red deacon, 27 Oct 2015.

  1. red deacon

    red deacon

    20 Jul 2014
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    I had reason to visit two of the forum sponsors today, Idol Marine and Wild on Pets. Both stores had some stunning fish on display and I was sorely tempted to buy more than I did. At Wild on Pets I asked the assistant to feed a Copperband I had my eye on. This was done with the minimum of fuss, and when the healthy fish ate readily my mind was made up. Well done to both of them. From bitter experience this is not always the case when dealing with sponsors/lfs
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  3. Krushto


    9 Jul 2014
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    Hey Mate,

    I completely agree with your compliments on those two sponsors. I have always had great service at both stores, and, my eyes too tend to be bigger than the wallet at times :p
    Especially when visiting Idol Marine, where I spend close to a hour just admiring the stock. I recall a blue and yellow ribbon eel there on my last visit that had me mesmerised.
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  4. puffer fish

    puffer fish

    29 Aug 2011
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    East london
    i was in jozie over the week end and drove all over , i didnt get to idol but i did get to some others 5 in total after not finding what i was looking for and having driven out a tank of juice , a quick message to @Hails sent me to Wild on pets . First thing you can not miss is how neat and tidy the store is , the stunning clarion angel and show size sohal tang was a win for me , both Gents that assisted me on all 3 days (yes i went back twice) were extremely knowledgeable and very helpful , everything i bought was very well packaged, boxed and ready for me to collect on sunday before i left .I will be back to jozi for sure because of this store
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  5. CameL


    16 Dec 2008
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    Primrose Hill, JHB
    I must agree with Wild On Pets, they have become pretty much my only LFS that i visit.
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