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    complete-idiots-guide-to-saltwater-aquariums-300x300.jpg The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Saltwater Aquariums is a handy reference book to get that new hobbyist in your life as well as making a good read for people with a little more experience in the hobby as well. Typically, books on aquariums are so broad they can tend to confuse a burgeoning hobbyist more than inform them of the right way to tackle setting up and maintaining a healthy aquarium but author’s Mark Martin and Ret Talbot do a great job getting to the point.

    Following the same protocol as other books in the series, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Saltwater Aquariums gives you concise information broken up into easily*digestible*chunks allowing the reader to understand and retain information, plus it makes it easier to find what you need later on. We were pleased to see this book tackle the current understanding of the hobby as well as looking into the future of the hobby. A bonus CD is included with the book that showcases over 900 species.

    Overall, this book is a solid and we would definitely recommend taking a look at and getting it in the hands of a new hobbyist before they even think about putting water in a tank. It identifies and discusses different equipment and options, including flow techniques and lighting among other things, to give a newbie plenty of information to start their journey. Plus for $18.95, it is not that expensive and the knowledge gained will easily recoup the initial investment.
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