RSS Compact Culture System from AP Breed makes raising Rotifera dead simple

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    The Compact Culture System is a practical new way to raise rotifers using commonly available aquarium vessels – buckets. Made by AP Breed the compact culture system (CCS) consists of curved bucket clips, a partial filter and airlift as well as an optional rotifer food source. With CCS clips, you can easily suspend the air pump powered partial filter that gently turns over your broth of rotifers. Available as a full kit including a bucket, lid and the CCS clips and airlift or in individual pieces, the Compact Culture System will be a boon to fish breeders and coral growers who have a big need for feeding lots and lots of Rotifers. AP Breed’s Compact Culture System has not yet been prices but it should be as as cheap as it is simple when it begins shipping later this year.
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