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    colored-lilly-pipe-1.jpg We recently connected with a glass smith who has begun experimenting at taking the concept of Lily pipes to the next level. Lily pipes are extremely popular with aesthetic-centric planted freshwater nature aquariums. Although Aqua Design Amano has been making clear Lily pipes since their beginning, they have never yet released colored lily pipes. Which is too bad because clear lily pipes allow light to reach every part of the tubing, guaranteeing frequent necessary removal and cleaning to remove the unsightly algae. Cleaning coralline algae from clear lily pipes would turn off any reefer from using them again. The lily pipe in our possession is an experiment which uses cobalt blue tubing for the neck and a black outlet funnel. We’ll be giving the two-tone colored lily pipe for a spin with an Eheim 2211 and we’ll let you know the vortex-producing abilities of these handmade lily pipes.
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