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    Preis Aquaristik’s Color Shake and Veggie Shake are nutritional supplements for fish food which take a cue from the spritzer spray bottles of salad dressings. Which a couple pumps of Color Shake or Veggie Shake, you can boost the nutritional profile and the attractiveness of your boring dry fish food.

    As the name implies, Preis Color Shake has a few more additives in it to help boost fish coloration, with added astaxanthin, carotenoids and the usual color-doping compounds. Meanwhile, Preis Veggie Shake is endowed with Aloe Vera and “essence” of Spirulina. Of course for best results Preis Aquaristik recommends using Color Shake and Veggie shake together on dry and frozen food to give your meat and plant-eating fishes the best possible nutritional boost.
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