Collecting trip for puddlehoppers in PE

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    Hi ya'awl

    This is a call to all collectors who will be in the PE area on Saturday 22nd Jan and are interested in having a bit of a walkabout and seeing what fish have washed into the pools and gully's on the wildside. I'm walking (even if no-one else is interested) from Kini Bay through to Laurie's Bay, Beard's bay and Bushy Park and will be doing some serious scouting to see whether the wildside has any tropicals as of yet.

    I'll be leaving the Kini Bay car park at about 9:00am and heading east, it's a 3km stroll along the beach before we get to Laurie's Bay, were I'll be puddlehopping until I've caught something decent or am bored.

    If you're interested in joining me I recommend bringing
    1 - no weight-belts (unless you've got something to prove)
    2 - something to drink
    3 - good shoes for walking on the sharpest rocks in SA.

    Post or PM me any questions, I'll be sending this invite out to all AMAS members whose email addresses I can find.
    Some Pics....
    There are literally square km of pools/lagoons/bays, check the pic above (high tide, we will be there on spring low) and bear in mind that the white house on the RHS used to have 10 bedrooms.
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