Collecting and transporting marine plants

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    I hope there's someone that can help me. I'm going to the coast in feb (hiberdene then margate) I need to collect some marine grass/plants for my new add on (4ft tank attached to 1.8m dt) The tank will act as a secondary dsb,as well as a future (hopefull) tank for pipefish,so i need some plants/grass that. problem is,i will be staying for about 2 weeks,i cannot take a lot of equipment,and i need to transport it back to gauteng. any idea's?
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    Firstly you need to collect all this as late as possible (like maybe the day before) and you cant take equipment along then keep up with lots of water changes..... If you catch anything (fish etc.) and you dont have battery operated pumps then you can cut open a 2 ltr coke bottle and fix it ontop the vehicle with an airline into the container where the livestock is .... as you drive along the air will be force in and aerate the water .....
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    If you have a +/- 25l bucket that can seal, only fill it a third full, seal it for travelling and there will be enough air in your container for quite a few fish. Don't fill it more than a third full!!! You shouldn't need an air pump.

    Put your plants etc in a separate container
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    Transporting macro algae and plant types are one of the more easier organism to transport over long distances. I have found the best to do, is just take a 25 liter drum you can seal tight and fil it about halfway or a third like previously stated with water and then place your plants inside the water. Make sure not to overcrowd the bucket with to many plants. Also when removing the macro algae and plants try to keep as much of the root system as possible. Even it would be better if you can collect them when they are still attached to a rock. It's just better for the plants as most wont survive if their roots are broken off.

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