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    We know it is pretty bad on the Eastern Seaboard with cold temperatures and snow wreaking havoc for many and Sanjaying many a traveler at many airports, but just how cold is it? Enough to turn waves to ice. This photograph taken by Jonathan Nimerfroh, show the slushy water making surreal waves off the coast of Nantucket, Mass.

    “When I got to the top off the dunes I see that about 300 yards out from the shoreline that the ocean was starting to freeze. The high temperature that day was around 19F (-7C). The wind was howling from the south-west, which would typically make rough or choppy conditions not good for surfing, but since the surface of the sea was frozen, the wind did not change the shape,” said Nimerfroh.

    Now that is cold.

    [via The Guardian]
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