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    The Nat Geo channel recently shared this fantastic video of divers with a large Coelacanth. While the size was impressive, the articulation in the Coelacanth’s distinctive three-lobed caudal fin is fascinating. We could do without the faked underwater conversation (where’s Attenborough when you need him?). According to the site, they will re-air the related episode, Dinofish, on October 30th 7pm EST.

    The Coelacanth was originally believed to have gone extinct during the Cretaceous period(60+ million years ago), until a fishing trawler pulled one up in 1938. In the last 20 years, they have been encountered by divers in the 300-600 ft range. Recreational divers encountered a small group at around 300 feet near Sodwana Bay, which lies off Natal Coast in South Africa(near the Mozambique border). This is a subtropical zone, and therefore the cooler temperatures support these deepwater living fossils at their shallower range. Perhaps this is where this footage was filmed.

    Click here to view the embedded video.

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