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8 May 2007
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Cobalt Aquatics has taken a simple everyday object, the lowly fish bag, and transformed it into something better with the introduction of the Cobalt Ultimate Fish Bag featuring a thick bottom and rounded corners.

Everyone in the hobby knows the drill. You get your fish at the store or online and it comes double bagged with the fish typically nose into the corner. After you see this once or twice, you just hope your new addition makes it home without getting stuck or springing a leak in the bag.

The Cobalt Ultimate Fish Bag is built with this in mind featuring an extra thick bottom and rounded corners to make transportation more comfortable for the livestock. No matter if you are transporting the fish from your LFS or if its coming halfway around the world, these Ultimate Fish Bag is a great option.

The Ultimate Fish Bag is 6.5 x 18.5 in. and as the company says, “designed by fish geeks for fish geeks.” The bottom is designed to keep fish from getting caught in the corners during shipment or transport and is 0.06mm thick. Sure they probably cost a bit more, with a box of 100 starting at $21.97, but the quarter spent is well worth it IMHO.

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