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    Cobalt Aquatics had quite a few new products at the Global Pet Expo, including the*Oxy-Pro Air Pump. The pump is innovative with its electronic adjustment, allowing precise control of airflow to run a variety of air driven devices. An LED inside the adjustment knob of the Cobalt Oxy-Pro brightens as you increase the amount of air output.

    The Oxy-Pro also comes with a lot of horse power; it can deliver 40gph of air down to 78″ of water depth, while using only 2 watts. These features make the Cobalt OxyPro an ideal candidate for taller air driven skimmers. Cobalt’s new Oxy-Pro air pump is nice and quiet as well with a double chambered body design which really helps to eliminate noise. With the resurgence of airstone-driven skimmers and other air-driven applications, air pumps like the Cobalt OxyPro will continue to play a role in the reefkeeping world.
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