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    The Neotherm heaters from Cobalt Aquatics are arguably some of the best aquarium heaters to be introduced to the market in years. However, up until now the hot Neotherms were only available in up to a 200w model, but aquarists will soon be able to enjoy the refinements of this heater line in a 300 wattand a 400 watt model.

    Of course these new larger models of the flat and sleek Neotherm heaters still have their fully electronic thermostat and one touch temperature setting, LED temperature display and shatterproof design. What is most remarkable about these high powered Neotherm heaters is the twin heater bodies design which essentially pairs two 150w elements in the 300w model, and two 200w elements in the 400w model.

    This twin heater element design in the new larger Neotherms is incredibly convenient for those of us who have wondered how in the heck we are supposed to get the largest single-element heaters into our sumps and tanks, a tricky feat when large EboJagers and similar models can reach nearly two feet long! To offer users the greatest amount of flexibility Cobalt Aquatics has put in a four foot tether between each heating element so that you can have them in opposite sides of your sump, or opposite sides of your tank for maximum heat transfer efficiency.

    Having the heating come from two separate elements ensures that not only will the 300w & 400w Neotherms fit into the places where we want to put them, but they also should be much more reliable than single element models that have a hard time distributing so much energy into a single heater.  The new larger twin Neotherm heaters will be available at the end of May this year, with the 300w model carrying a suggested retail price of $119 while the 400w model will be listing for $125.

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