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    The Cobalt NeoFlow pump is Cobalt Aquatics’ first dive into the powerhead world, and they’ve decided to start strong. The NeoFlow pumps have their roots in the AquaEl Reef Circulator, and are controllable through a DC power supply. There is currently only one model which is rated for 10,000 liters per hour (2,600*gallons). The pumps are magnetically mounted, and the magnets contain a rim of silicone to levitate the pump from the glass as a result reducing vibration. A unidirectional mount allows for basically any orientation. The Cobalt NeoFlow powerhead will ***P $165 at with actual street prices likely to be slightly lower.

    We had the change to play around with a unit at Reef Stock, and these pumps are definitely well made. All the parts come completely apart for easy cleaning, and the pump body feels very solid in the hand. The NeoFlow pump is furthermore very silent, even when run outside of the water. We also like the DC adjustment on the power supply which makes adjusting the NeoFlow’s output a real breeze (though note the power supply pictured is not the final design).
    We did not have the chance to use the pump within an aquarium, but expect a full review as the pump reaches final stages of production. Meanwhile check out the pictures below.

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