RSS Cobalt EXT inline pump is the first small device of its kind

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    The Cobalt E-X-T inline water pump is an interesting device the likes of which doesn’t exist in the aquarium industry. Sure there is the Reeflo Blowhole but that pump is really designed for*heavy*duty, high pressure applications whereas the E-X-T, among many other things, can be used to power canister filters and is completely submersible.

    Based on the AquaEl HPP-600, the Cobalt Aquatics EXT inline pump can be oriented a variety of ways to push or pull water from a source and deliver up to 210 gallons per hour. The Cobalt EXT pump has 5/8″ hose barbs with locking rings ands suction cups for keeping it put. The Polish-made Cobalt EXT inline pump will carry a three year warranty and an expected retail price of $38.27.
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