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    Cobalt Aquatics unveiled two new internal filters, the Duo-Filter UV 500 and 1000. As the name suggests, the Duofilter UV include a USB powered UV steriliser with germicidal grade LEDs. Four LEDs blast the pumps impeller chamber with 500mW of ultraviolet rays before the water exits through a horizontally adjustable venturi nozzle.

    The round LED housing of the Cobalt Duofilter UV is a translucent purple, so that you can verify the UV is in working order. It is easy to unscrew and clean when required(an important feature to have for any UV sterilizer). The USB power supply is also separate from the pump cord. It also comes with a 3 year warranty.

    The UV 500 is rated for 30-gallons and puts out 130GPH. Not only would an internal filter like this suit a nano reef, the added UV makes it a nice unit to run a quarantine tank with as well. Pricing and availability of the Cobalt Aquatics DuoFilter UV is yet to be announced.


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