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    Cobalt Aquatics, the upstart company targeting the mass market aquatics industry has announced the availability of Cobalt Premium Pellets fish food. The food as you might have guessed comes in pellet form, perfect for a wide variety of both freshwater and saltwater fish. Two flavors of pellets will be available, a 1/16” diameter sinking pellet and a 1/8” diameter designed for Cichlids to munch on.

    Like the Cobalt premium flakes, these pellets are enhanced with probiotic bacteria to improve digestion and reduce waste. These pellets will be available through major distribution channels shortly, with retail pricing expected to follow thereafter. Each batch of the new pellet food includes at least 20% of the now signature cobalt blue pellets, which includes a triple dose of vitamins and immunostimulants which adds the “blue” variety.
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