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    The NeoFlow may not be the first adjustable DC propeller pump for aquariums, but it is the most deserving of providing previous flow to our aquarium corals and fish. With a host of new, innovative features, the NeoFlow blows past the competition with a breakout design and a spec sheet which makes us feel comfortable reccomending this reef water pump to our friends and family.

    First of all, the NeoFlow is exceptionally quiet – the three bladed propeller design reduces drag but the real magic is happening at the other end. We all know that the cylindrical part of the impeller, the rotor, is a magnet that is turned by the pump body and stator.


    But the NeoFlow has an additional pair of magnets, one at the*end of the impeller which is opposed by another magnet at the end of the rotor shaft. These opposing magnets create a magnetic bearing which prevents the impeller from rubbing against anything resulting in reduced friction and noise while increasing the pumps efficiency.

    A 10,000 lph (2600gph) rating is hard to translate directly to aquarium use so it’s important to gauge how far the NeoFlow can push its plume of water flow before turbulence eats away at its momentum. In our evaluation of the NeoFlow, its flow plume can’t quite reach the far end of a six foot aquarium but it does create plenty of water motion.


    We would feel comfortable recommending the NeoFlow 10,000 for reef tanks up to four feet long, and for the*occasional five foot reef tank but if you’ve got six feet of tank to agitate you’ll want to reach for a stronger pump model or at least double up the NeoFlows. Where the NeoFlow might really shine is for reef tanks four feet and under, where the adjustable flow rate can be dialed to the desired speed and the double-ball-joint *allows the pump to be oriented 90 degrees to the wall on which it is magnetically mounted.

    [​IMG]The only thing we dislike about the NeoFlow is entirely cosmetic, and may be appreciated by others, and it’s that weird fish-shaped grill covering the pump with the curved gill-slit looking intake ‘vents’. Not a deal breaker and other folks may like it more than we, but at least the black coloration makes the NeoFlow stealthy enough to hide or obscure inside the aquarium.

    The production of over 2500 gph in a sub $150 pump allows the NeoFlow to firmly straddle the mid range of aquarium propeller pumps. You can get more flow from similarly priced pumps, which are actually physically larger, but the NeoFlow definitely stands out with its adjustable flow speed and exceptionally quiet operation.

    FCC regulations require us to inform you that we were given this product for review but our opinion and review of a product is never affected by*how we acquire it


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