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    Probiotic fish food is something that we and our peers have dreamed about since the late nineties. Cobalt Aquatics has dabbled in probiotic fish food before but now they are going all in with probiotics in an expansive line of flake and pellets that are loaded with the good stuff.

    Over two years ago Cobalt Aquatics first introduced a color enhancing flake food with probiotics, primarily targeted at the feeding of colorful tropical*freshwater fish but the new Cobalt probiotic menu is significantly more diverse.*Wether you or your fish prefer flakes or pellets, mysis, spirulina or mysis & spirulina, Cobalt Aquatics has a probiotic fish food for all feeding regimens.





    Cobalt Aquatics’ probiotic fish food in pelleted form comes in five flavors, a discus pellet, marine vegie pellet, a marine omni pellet, a mysis pellet and a combination of mysis & spirulina in a single pellet. The pelleted probiotic fish food only comes in one size, about 1/16th of an inch in diameter (~1.5mm) and it will be available in 1.5 oz size for around $8, a 4oz that usually comes in about $12 and a 10oz which should retail for $25.






    The flake food version of Cobalt’s probiotic fish feed comes in the same flavors and in similar sized containers which retail for slightly less. Of all the advancements we as aquarists have implemented in feeding our fish, the use of probiotics is woefully lacking in our fishy circles. It is possible that the use of probiotics will help us make advancements in the nutrition of notoriously finicky fish species. We will all be able to get a crack at testing out Cobalt Aquatics’ probiotic fish foods when they begin shipping in April.
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