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    CNC Reef is a company that’s been milling various LED heatsinks for different applications and recently it’s turned its attention at rehoming the leftover guts of some great lights that still work very well. The first light to get the unibody heatsink treatment is the still very capable AquaIllumination Vega LED.

    The Vega LED is still one of the best looking light sources we’ve ever used but AI has all but moved on to the Hydra range with the Hydra 52 and Hydra 26. However since AI had the foresight to offer complete upgrade paths to the newer technology, that’s left a lot of Vega owners with perfectly good, usable LED parts with no heatsink or housing.

    [​IMG]Enter CNC Reef and their OSHUN unibody for the Vega LED’s drivers, Powerpucks and cluster lenses. With the OSHUN you can reuse the killer engineering of the Vega which allows for 20 channels of LED control, every color and every LED, and package them into a new and overkill housing that is completely made of aluminum.

    The OSHUN is nearly identical in size to the Vega but has a slightly different cooling design which greatly reduces the amount of time the fan is on, and how fast it spins, making for a slightly quieter version of the AI Vega. But to be honest, the real reason to get an OSHUN if you’ve got Vega parts sitting idle is because it looks super cool!

    [​IMG]CNC Reef is currently making the OSHUN built to order but once they catch up with the demand the whole kit will cost just $179, and if you’ve already got Vega guts as a result of an upgrade to the Hydra 52 the only other thing you’ll need is a replacement power supply. The best LED lights and parts from two even four years ago are still perfectly good to use on an aquarium and it’s really cool to see some internal recycling of AquaIllumination’s LED lights within the aquarium hobby. [CNC Reef]



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