CLS Pipe Size, Dimensions?


30 Jul 2007
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Port Elizabeth
Busy planning my new system, for which I plan on doing a CLS and would appreciate some questions answered.
1. For a tank of about 900 l what size pipe should be used for the CLS?
2. Where is a good source for these pipes and fittings?
3. Does anybody have the dimensions of the fittings, for planing purposes?
4. My assumtion is that a pump of 27000-36000 l/hr is needed ( SPS) is this correct?
4 Jun 2007
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Hi, pvc fittings are normally 50mm, 40mm, 32mm 25mm and 20mm. You should find all those at any good plumbing shop. OKay now after my wife's interruption telling me to get ready for work lets continue.

I normally prefer a 50mm inlet for my cls pump, though this would also depend on the pump used. You must never choke your pump on the inlet side. That will make the pump wear quicker and run hotter than it is suppose to run. You will choose the outlet size according to the size of your pumps outlet. Ex. if the pump have a 32mm outlet, you should match that. You could use T-Pieces at your CLS outlets of smaller diameter, which will result in a stronger narrower stream. However since we normally want a nice broad stream, I go with the same size T-pieces as my pump outlet.

I'm by no means an expert on CLS, but this is how I've used it in the past and are planning to use it again.

Pardon the english, but I'm a true boertjie :p

Hope this is of some assistance
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