19 Jul 2015
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Doha Qatar Middle East
Hi guys if read alot about clowns as we would like to put them in our tank. But my question is as follows. Can we put 2 picaso and 2 ossalaris clowns together in our tank have a 800 cube. No you cant put more than 2 of same species together.
If you don't have a backup plan for if they fight then rather not. I have a 600l tank and had four clowns in there but the dominant pair still went after the smallest one even though it was waaaaay on the other side of the tank from which they lived. When I took the smallest out, they went after the next smallest. :(
I think it's fine till two hit maturity and pair up. Then they'll start going after the others. I've seen a tank with 5 clowns but they're still tiny and not mature.
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