Clowns spawning

3 Sep 2007
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HI All

My clowns spawned yesterday... funny thing is that it was in the afternoon. I thought they only spawned at night.

Also they laid their eggs right under the nennie which is a problem cause when the lights go out, the nennie completly covers the eggs???

I am thinking about trying to raise the fry(I know its very difficult), but not this batch.. maybe in a few weeks time. If I put a small tile near them, do you think they will lay on that??

Any comments appreciated...

Here is a pic

7 May 2007
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Die Wilgers, Pretoria

I answered your PM. The location of the eggs shouldn't be a problem. The problem is getting them out once they've hatched. They will only hatch overnight - well, actually usually within 30 to 45 minutes of lights-out. It has to be "completely dark", and it can be tricky to know exactly when they'll hatch. My last batch I took out a day too early and most of them was rotten the next day (that's if you get them to lay on a tile), so I still don't have the hatching night pinned down (temperature dependent).

You may actually be better off now, because all you have to do each night from about 7 days after the spawn is shut off all the circualtion in the tank for 30 or 40 minutes each night exactly at lights-out, check if they've hatched, catch them using a flashlight and "buckets/bowls" (this takes a while, but you don't *have to* get each and every one), and then remember to turn circulation back on. If it's not that night, then the next, and you wouldn't have wasted the batch.

And raising them isn't that difficult once you got a steady supply of greenwater and rotifers.

Anyway, feel free to ask more questions, and I'll answer as and when I can. You've already gotten them to spawn, but maybe have a look at an introductory article I wrote: Breeding Clownfish
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4 May 2007
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Good luck darrencon, don't be despondent if you fail the first time, they will more than likely spawn again and with practice and knowledge you may very well be successful in rearing the fry, greenwater and rotifers will be the key here, good luck and keep us posted.