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Discussion in 'General Discussions and Advice' started by magman, 11 Aug 2009.

  1. magman


    31 Jul 2009
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    Richards Bay
    I have a problem with the clarkes fighting after having to move the nemmie. I got 1 pair oscerlaris, and a pair of clarkes, the clarkes have taken to the carpet nemmie for about a month now, but the oscerlaris were pretty much lurking in the corner cause the clarkes were too dominant around the nemmies. Two days ago I moved the carpet to the left, and the bta to the right of the tank, both nemmies are now about 5 foot apart from each other now. The problem is the clarks have taken to klaaping each other, really bad. It looks like what I thought was the male, has become the more of an aggressor. For the time being now, I have the male in the sump, and was thinking of re-intoducing him in about a week.

    Of intrest though, the little dominos have really also taken to the carpet, they go absolutly maal in there in the evenings, have a few shots from the phone camera and will post later.

    otherwise though, any one than can advise on the clowns boxing? I really had thought they had paired up.
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  3. Neil H

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    11 May 2008
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    sump the dominant clown for a week and then re-introduce

    I doubt you will have long term peace with 2 different species of clowns though
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