Clownfish breeding surfaces

Discussion in 'Fish Discussions' started by fatalerror, 8 Jun 2008.

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    18 May 2008
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    hi i have 2 b+w clowns which i hav had for 18mnths or more n the female constantly gets a swollen belly yet i never see any eggs and her bell soon goes down. thinkin of putting a tile in for them is there any sort as to which i shld get??? thnx Jacob
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    A fairly vertical face on any piece of live rock will work just fine, although a ceramic tile or even a plastic flower pot will also do. My clowns have even spawned on the front glass of the tank.

    they are probably spawning onto a piece of LR which is not visible from the outside of the tank. The eggs hatch about 1 hour after dark, and about 7 days after they have been laid. I suggest you keep a close watch (with a torch which has a red filter attached) from day 6 after the female's body has gone down, and about 45 minutes to 1.5 hours after the tank's lights have gone off (try for total darkness...), and you might be pleasantly surprised.

    For more info, check out this thread on MASApedia: Breeding Clarkii Clownfish - Marine Aquariums of South Africa - wiki

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    Die Wilgers, Pretoria
    This happened to me a few times too. The female gets all plump only to be thinner again one day, without any eggs.
    If there are eggs somewhere, observe the male clown carefully, as he will probably be tending the eggs constantly (if they exist). This could give you an indication if they are hidden somewhere you can't see them.

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