Clownfish breeding adventures / log

18 Jan 2009
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So i have decided to start a thread on my expedition in raising some clownfishes and other species and progressing on to the Orchid Dottyback (pseudochromis fridmani) and Royal Gramma (Gramma Loreto).

Ive currently got a 1.2m system running, which use to be a full reef untill about a month ago when i decided that i need a new chapter in my life with marines. Sold the corals and starting acquiring some broodstock pairs:thumbup:

I currently have:

1 x occellaris pair
2 x percula pairs
1 x maroon pair. (The female is a normale variety (very light though) and the male is a gold misbar. These 2 i still need to pair up. The big female almost killed the poor small male.

Hardware & Equipment:
I currently have the 1.2m still going with some commmunity fish and the pair of Occellaris. The maroons are also in there but not together. (lady in the sump, lol).
The 2 x percula pairs are in 60cm tanks both on their own plumbing, with vary basic setups.

I got my hands on a 1.2m (thanks Ryan) which ill setup as broodstock holding tank with baffles and a 90cm sump. Hopefully this week.

Fry & Larvae:
Together with the Occellaris pair came a batch of eggs on a big piece of liverock. I wasnt sure what day the eggs were laid. Ill give some more info on them later. Photos to follow.
I had some issues with new heaters i bought, together with my rotifer culture not being 100% ready. Im currently on day 10 dph and there is still 2 little soldiers hanging on, lol. Ill try and get some pictures up tonight of them.

Im using the black tub and greenwater method for rearing.
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Great thread, looking forward to reading it and seeing pics...;)
Well done, so many struggle to get past day 3.

Thanks. Like i said i had some issues with my food cultures so that killed most of the larvae.

The one is a little bigger than the other one and he started metamorphosis (meta). He started swimming like a clownfish with the typical "wiggle-wiggle" - movement. Ill snap some pics tonight. Cant wait to see the orange colour!!:m106:

One of the broodstock pair awaiting their new house.
This is the bigger one of the two clowns.... (i reckon the other one is probably a day or two behind him with meta.





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Sorry for the crap pictures, but im not really skilled in the art. ;)
They are still very tiny. Probably the size of a medium rice grain! lol. They are both currently swimming with the same motion as adult clowns.
This is the black tub (bucket) i used to rear them in. Works like a charm.


The system is actually very nice to run at the moment because i only have the two little clowns in there. The rotifers multiple quicker than the clowns can consume them, so basically i just feed the rotifer phytoplankton everyday and they make sure the clowns are literally swimming in their own food. I add about 180ml of phyto every day and every third day i do a waterchange of 2L where i take some of the rotifers out. :m106:
LOL LOL. Never noticed that, but now i will for ever. LOL;)
any news on the maroon clowns yet, i hear they are tricky to pair
I currently dont have them together. The female is in the sump till next week wednesday (then ill install the new tank). Ill keep you posted.

The thing with the maroons is that they are a very aggressive specie, especially the bigger females. It normally takes a few times to get it right. The trick is to have as big a difference in size between the male and the female as possible. This will make it easier for the smaller male to submit to the dominance of the female.

My normal maroon female is more than double the size of the gold bar maroon male.
walked in on my green chromis (chromis viridis) spawning this afternoon. I took a video and some pictures. I cant seem to upload the video. Can someone please assist me with this.

My whole front glass is covered in white chromis eggs. Thousands everywhere.

All of a sudden everything is just spawning like mal!!:thumbup:
upload the video to youtube
and post the link here.
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