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    The new Orphek Atlantik Pendant 300 is one beast of a hanging LED light. The extremely large size and proportions of the Atlantik Pendant 300 seem comical compared to regular home aquarium LED lights and pendants but not compared to a complete 1000 metal halide fixture with reflector that this light is designed to replace.

    Primarily targeted at public aquariums and institutions, the 60 LEDs are each backed up by large individual secondary lenses which help the fixture really punch a beam of light deep into large aquariums and for very high lighting needs. The Atlantik Pendant 300 sports a diversity of colors across its LED package which is available in a full spectrum configuration with a balance of white and colored LEDs, while a super actinic version will focus its diodes in the blue end of the spectrum.

    [​IMG]Orphek debuted the extremely large Atlantik Pendant 300 at ReefStock 2015 in Denver where this ‘Big Bertha’ of an LED pendant nearly dwarfed all of Orphek’s other LED offerings, and some small children. Despite its incredible size and power rating, the large new Atlantik pendant is surprisingly light and still relies on passive cooling to keep all the LEDs running at optimum temperature.

    The standard version of the Atlantik Pendant 300 is strictly an on/off kind of light targeted at public aquariums who could care less if the light is color controllable and dimmable. However, future versions of the mother of all discrete-chip LED pendants will have the option to be paired with two channel drivers which will also have some degree of interoperability with external controllers.

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