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11 Mar 2009
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East London
hi guys! im busy building my first tank still got alot of work to do but we getting there.everything is new to me and im trying to learn as much as possible.i have learned alot from masa already and a big up to all you guys who have made masa a awesome site!!!

here some specs on my tank.

the tank is going to be 1.3x600x550

reeftek ts2

flow pumps
rio seio m820x2

return pump
hailea hx6530

t5 balasts 2x54w and 4x54w t5 tubes.2 actinic and 2 10000k white.

thats what iv managed to get together so far.trying to organize a 3ft sump somewhere.will post some photos soon as everything comes together.

will keep you guys posted!
Sound good. How about a few pics?:)
Sounds Good. Maybe you should try and get yourself a nice heater like a Jager for example.
Looking forward to the pics man! :)
sounding very good there clinton, great that you are planning properly too :)

nice depth to the tank too, but can you make it any wider, that will help give you space to aquascape with?
no doubt this is gonna be a good start.. loads of enthusiasum shown by this gent..

the plan is to start off with softies and a few LPS over time..

will try get the tank to my place tonight to start the repair and yes i will take pics:(
wrong specs!

hello there guys!! i got some of my specs wrong on the previous thread!

my tank is actualy 1.3x600 in width and 500 in depth.

also my lights are 12000k and not 10000k

also a big thanks to leslie :thumbup: for helping me with my tank and giving me so much advice and helping me get a good start.les is replacing the base that is cracked and bracing it for me.shot bud.

photos will be posted shortly.


hi guys.just a update on whats skimmer pumps and lights arrived last week! now im even more exited! still got some work to do on the tank and the stand.a good freind gave me his old sump very nice of him shot bud:) .with the help of good freinds i have realy learned to be patient even though i cant wait to get my tank up and running!! it will pay off in the end:biggrin:

yes i know you want piks! will post some soon!

how true is the bite and you hooked:yeahdude:
ha ha sorry im dragging my heels im just buggered with the flu.. ordered the 10mm base and braces, let me know about the perspex idea to cover the overflow.. i have pics of the removal of the base glass but am batteling to upload..

will get onto it as soon as i feel a bit better or as soon as the glass arrives im bored anyway...
les no worries man like i said take ur time bud u a busy man.i like the perspex idea i think it will give it a nice finish:thumbup: the waterproof end caps for the t5's is also a good idea.hope you feel better soon.

Tridan you are 100% right man.les has been doing this for 22 years.experiance is one thing you cant take away from anyone.i have been very fortunate to meet les.he is a realy nice person and is commited and very proud of his work.i have learned alot from les and realy thankful for all his help and advice.

hey dude shot for thekind words you will be amazed at what can be done with an old tank and how it can be revamped and brought back to life.. will get onto it as soon as the glass arrives..
the tank is going to be 1.3x600x550

thats what iv managed to get together so far.trying to organize a 3ft sump somewhere.will post some photos soon as everything comes together.

will keep you guys posted!

Ok DT around 429l please can we have a update on total volume.
shaun approx 529lt as a 3ft sump will be added..


getting pissed off with the glazer as they havent contacted me.. gonna have to make another plan....
shot les i thought it would be around 500-530lts.lets see what happens next week with the glass.i realy need to start getting live rock and start the curing process.think that is going to hold me back a little:whistling:
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