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8 May 2007
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Clearview Aquarium Lids are a brand new accessory from Artfully Acrylic that is aiming to fill a huge gap in our aquarium systems and displays. This new breed of aquarium lids, covers or tops, are CNC-machined from a solid pane of Lexan polycarbonate to create the ultimate cover for a wide range of aquarium sizes and dimensions.

Quite literally, aquarium lid ‘technology’ has been stuck in time for decades, hardly advancing outside the realm of DIY. In the nineties we talked a lot about ‘low-iron’ glass lids from Oceanic and only recently has it become fashionable to make your own lid or cover with a screen to prevent fish from jumping out while aiding in gas exchange and minimizing light loss.

Innovative Marine was the first and is still the only manufacturer that offers a mesh-top for their tanks, and DIY kits are also available for you to build your own. But if you’ve been itching to replace that glass top you have to clean all the time, or if you’re tired of having fish jump out of your aquarium display, look no further than Artfully Acrylic’s Clearview Aquarium Lids.

This product addresses a critical gap in the hobby by offering a low profile, clear, professionally manufactured lid that can be used on rimless and rimmed tanks. Clearview Aquarium Lids are CNC routed from high-strength polycarbonate and 1/4″ marine mesh is professionally installed into machined grooves.

Artfully Acrylic offers an optional feeding door, and customization for overflows, light mounts, and wiring is included free of additional charge. They are available for many popular brands and Artfully Acrylic can also build custom lids for most tank sizes and styles.

But brace yourself, because all this fancy machining work doens’t come cheap, and you’ll be ponying up some serious coin to put the finishing touch on the top of your existing aquarium. For example, the Clearview Aquarium Lid for an Innovative Marine Nuvo 10 will cost you more than the tank at $109, plus another $35 if you want a feed door.

Of course the value proposition increases dramatically when you are talking about getting one big beautifully machined lid for a higher end aquarium such as a Red Sea Max, Marineland Deep Dimension or larger Innovative Marine tank sizes. It’s about time someone made a serious, professionally built aquarium lid to finish the fabulous tanks we all invest in, and to keep our prized aquarium fish from becoming floor models. [Artfully Acrylic]

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