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21 Nov 2007
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Paarl Western Cape ZA

I want to invest in buying a new cleaning magnet. One of the most important requirements is that it must be able to clean right up to the substrate, without
scratching the glass.

The last thread about cleaning magnets was quite a few years back. I know that Tunze used to be one of the forerunners when it came to cleaners, but nowadays you hear quite a lot about flipper as well. What else is available and which do you think is the best buy?

I want to find out about cleaners for the bigger tanks, 12mm and upwards on glass thickness. What are you guys using and what would you recommend.

i would advise the tunze one, im really happy with mine, out tanks are similar dimensions and i have the intermediate one (think its called the Long), will advise going with the strong (one up) my one cost about R600 with delivery. but the ease of use of the tunze and the fact that the blades are plastic make a huge difference, u do get a steel blade you can use for stubborn algae but i feel confident leaving my one on the glass and giving it a daily scrub. its nice and thin so you dont notice it on tank
@greatwyt The one you are using is it the care magnet medium one?
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I have both the new Tunze and the Flipper, without a doubt the Flipper is my favourite. The Tunze is very heavy and doesn't float so if it comes apart it's bound to frag a few corals on the way down to the substrate. The flipper floats, has a nice thin stainless blade and can get into all the corners and right down to the substrate.
@viper357 Thanks man, this is the kind of feedback I am looking for, that will enable me to make the right decision.

Anyone else been using both?
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